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Catalogue 2019-2020 
Catalogue 2019-2020

International Studies Major

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Requirements for the concentration:

1) 15 units, including INTL 106 , in a program of study that has been approved by the Panel of Advisers of the International Studies Program. These units must comprise a coherent and integrated program of study, and the rationale for the program must be given in a formal proposal. Credit to the program will not normally be given for courses at the 100-level except for INTL 106 , POLI 160 , or if the course is accepted as filling one of the program recommendations given below .

2) Competency in one foreign language through the third-year college level as demonstrated by completion of the relevant courses or special examination. The language studied should be directly relevant to the geographical area of emphasis.

3) 4 units of work at the 300-level: INTL 305 , a senior seminar of 1 unit; a senior thesis of 1 unit (normally INTL 301 -INTL 302 ); and at least 1 unit from each of two departments. The senior seminar and the thesis constitute the Senior-Year Requirement.

4) 1 unit of intermediate work directly relevant to international issues in each of three departments. One of these departments must be economics and the other two courses may be drawn from political science, history, and geography.

5) At least one unit of work dealing with issues of nationality, race, ethnicity, class, and/or gender in American society.

Recommendations for the concentration:

1) At least one course concerning the history, politics, economics, geography, anthropology or sociology of Latin America, Asia, or Africa.

2) Familiarity with research methods appropriate to the student’s concentration in the International Studies major. The following courses may satisfy this recommendation: ANTH 245 - The Ethnographer’s Craft ; ECON 209 - Probability and Statistics ; POLI 207 - Political Analysis ; PSYC 209 - Research Methods in Social Psychology ; or SOCI 254 - Research Methods .

3) Systematic inquiry into the area of ethics. This recommendation may be satisfied by any of the following courses: PHIL 106 - Philosophical & Contemporary Issues , PHIL 234 - Ethics , or another approved course.

4) A structured foreign area experience. This is especially recommended for students who have not lived or worked abroad. It may be satisfied by approved programs for Study Away, exchange living or study/travel.

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