Nov 17, 2018  
Catalogue 2018-2019 
Catalogue 2018-2019

Psychological Science Major

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Requirements for Concentration:

10 graded units in Psychological Science including PSYC 105  or PSYC 106 , and PSYC 200 ; three 200-level units from the basic content areas of the discipline and at least one other 200-level Psychological Science unit; one research methods course to be taken by the end of the junior year; three units at the 300-level, at least one of which must be a seminar. The content areas of the discipline and their associated courses are: social psychology (PSYC 201 , PSYC 205 ), learning and behavior (PSYC 221 ), comparative psychology (PSYC 223 ), developmental psychology (PSYC 231 ) physiological psychology (PSYC 241 , PSYC 243 ), individual differences and personality (PSYC 253 ), clinical psychology and psychopathology (PSYC 262 ), and health psychology (PSYC 233 ).

A minimum of 10 graded units is required for the major. For junior transfer students, at least 6 units must be graded. Upon departmental approval, 1 unit of appropriate course work in other departments may be applied towards the required 10 units.


Students may not elect the NRO in any psychological science course after they have declared their major. Any psychological science course taken under the NRO before the major was declared may not be counted toward the 10 units required for the major although it may be used to satisfy a requirement that a specific course be taken.

300-Level Requirement:

Three units at the 300-level taken for a letter grade, at least one of which must be a seminar. Seniors have the option of fulfilling two 300-level units by electing an empirical senior thesis project under faculty supervision (PSYC 397 ). PSYC 395  and PSYC 399 , as ungraded courses, cannot be used to satisfy this requirement.


Students planning to concentrate in psychological science are encouraged to consult a department adviser as soon as possible to plan appropriate sequences of courses.

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