Apr 21, 2019  
Catalogue 2018-2019 
Catalogue 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English Department

Chair: Mark C. Amodio;

Professors: Mark C. Amodio, Robert DeMaria, Wendy Graham, Michael Joyce, Jean M. Kane, Paul Kane, Amitava Kumar, Paul Russell, Susan Zlotnick;

Associate Professors: Peter Antelyes, Heesok Chang, Eve Dunbar, Leslie C. Dunn, Hua Hsu, Zoltán Márkus, Molly S. McGlennen, Hiram Perez, Tyrone Simpson, II;

Post-doctoral Fellow: Erin Sweany;

Adjunct Associate Professors: M. Mark, David Means, Ralph Sassonea;

Visiting Assistant Professor: Rob Smith.

a On leave 2018/19, first semester


    MajorCorrelate Sequences in English

    The department offers seven correlates in English. Race and Ethnicity; Theory, Criticism and Transnational Studies; Poetry and Poetics; Literary Forms; British Literary History; American Literary History and Creative Writing. A minimum of six units is required for the correlate sequence. Further information is in the Alphabet Book as well.


      English: I. IntroductoryEnglish: II. Intermediate

      Prerequisite: open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors with one unit of 100-level work or by permission of the associate chair. Students applying for permission to elect 200-level work must present samples of their writing to the associate chair. First-year students with AP credit may elect 200-level work after consultation with the department and with the permission of the instructor. First-year students who have completed ENGL 101  may elect 200-level work with permission of the instructor. Intermediate writing courses are not open to first-year students.

      English: III. Advanced

      Prerequisite: Open to Juniors and Seniors with 2 units of 200-level work in English, or by permission of the instructor.