May 28, 2018  
Catalogue 2017-2018 
Catalogue 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BIOL 323 - Seminar in Cell and Molecular Biology

Semester Offered: Fall
1 unit(s)

An intensive study of selected topics at the cellular and subcellular level. Topics vary, but may include organelle structure and function, advanced genetics, and mechanisms of cellular organization. Emphasis is placed on current models, issues, and research areas, and course material is drawn largely from primary literature.

Topic for 2017/18a: Immunity. Multicellular organisms have evolved multiple systems for resisting viral, bacterial, and parasites. We examine evolution and basic mechanisms of innate and acquired immunity; how tumors, pathogens and parasites evade immune systems; microbiomes and autoimmunity; and potential use of biotechnologies such as CRISPR and gene drives to mitigate malaria and other diseases by engineering immunity across vector populations. Jennifer Kennell and William J. Straus.


Prerequisite(s): CHEM 244  and one unit of Genetics (BIOL 238 , BIOL 244 , or BIOL 248 ) and one of the following: BIOL 218 , BIOL 232 , BIOL 272 CHEM 272 , or CHEM 325 .

Two 2-hour periods.

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